Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, the fourth installment of the Assassin’s Creed Game series, follows the character Ezio for the third and possibly final time a few decades following the end of AC:B. Playing through the game start to full completion took around 47 hours, this included capturing all the areas with assassins. The fighting system is the same as brotherhood, which made playing this game a breeze for me, but the optional missions added to most of the game made up for the lax difficulty in the fighting, as you asked to do very large fight scenes without taking any damage or very little damage quite often. The detail put into the story line is up to par with the other 3 games in that almost all of your questions get answered at some point in the game, though the side stories don’t interfere with the main story which I feel would really expand on the games’ overall greatness. There is almost no more story line for Desmond in this installment, as he is in what appears to be limbo, if you are looking for any more insight on his story you are out of luck there. They added these rather odd almost dream world puzzle type games in the area you are Desmond, which give you a little of his past, but none of it really seems pertinent with anything they give you about him as of yet. I am rather upset they put no effort into his story line, as they continue it with the next game Assassin’s Creed III. Like the previous game this one was very captivating in my opinion I was able to play the game hours on end without any for see able break points I was glued to my seat and my controller to my hands. Overall this was a great game I recommend it to anyone who has at least played AC:II and AC:B, I also recommend you stick with the same control system throughout your game play experience across the series, as there are slight changes over the release of each game to the controls and it can get a bit confusing at times. Hopefully Desmond is more involved in the next game and they make the fight system a little more challenging without making it as difficult as the first game.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, the third installment in the Assassin’s Creed series, follows the history of the Ezio character a few years after where Assassin’s Creed II Left off.  The game took around 35 hours of scatterbrained play time, due to the inability to focus on specific tasks, to get 100% completion. The fight system is rather easy to grasp, especially after having played the second game, though it makes the game to easy in my opinion. The ability to take on 45+ people at once without taking more than a few hits is making it a tad to easy. The story and the back story to this installment (though there isn’t much back story to this one) are rather attention grabbing, I would be able to play the game for hours upon hours without a single want to put down the controller and walk away from being bored. The side missions to the game aren’t really required to be played but add to the story line’s detail (doing them does not alter the story it just gives you more detail about what is really going on.) This story has a great deal of distress, distrust, and lies which makes for a great continuation of the series, and I only see it getting better. Overall wonderful game, though the fighting was to easy for me, hopefully the rest of them are more difficult.

Project shift

Well since (602) 674-6186 wants to be a pain in the ass, and refuse to allow me to purchase my own shipment of Sega chips, I am going to have to wait for the USB controller conversions I wanted to do. So in the mean time, I am going to do a water cooled Xbox 360 slim. I will probably put it in a small computer case for room issues, but it will still be an Xbox and it will still be water cooled, so no more jet engines when I want to play some Live

Of course

So I got my Sega megadrive controller in shortly after Christmas, it had to be shipped from Japan, so I couldn’t really time it to be a Xmas present but it was nice timing, and all I need is the USB conversions. Well seeing as it was just the holidays I like everyone else was pressed on money to blow, so I figure I’ll wait and order the 8 chips on a later date. Well I got to order them the other day and what do I see? All of the retrokits are unavailable with no return date, reason, or if they dropping support I email the developer and they give no explanation either. The NES/SNES ones are available again, but the Genesis and Saturn ones are still in the “discontinued” section. Which is really disappointing… I was really looking forward to just installing the chip and playing, now I have to research the read times, convert each output and convert to USB myself… Or wait it out and hope they are back soon.


Since I have been posting reviews of my gaming equipment I figure I might as well post about my controller, the 3173976581 Onza TE. Now this controller has gotten alot of bad reviews for joystick And trigger failure, but mine hasn’t had an issue with it. The controller features a textured grip to keep your grip firm through long play sessions, a physical tension control for the joysticks to better increase control of joystick movements, backlit ABXY buttons, a separated directional pad (4 separate buttons instead of one big circle), mechanical push buttons, instead of a membrane button in traditional controllers which can fail due to use and dirt/dust, 2 reprogrammable macro buttons (I will go in more detail on those later on,) long braided USB cable, 2.5mm voice port for Xbox 360 voice chat. I have had this controller for a little over a year now and absolutely love it, so much I actually ordered a new one a week ago, and that I might order the new version that was just announced the other day (Razer Sabertooth). The Ergonomics of the Onza are phenomenal, it fills the hand ever so perfectly, I have rather large hands so my fingers do still claw a bit on the backside, but not as bad as the OEM controller, the ABXY buttons respond very well, and the d pad, responds much better than Microsoft’s design. The joysticks have a ring on spring system which allows you to create tension on the movement of the joysticks, though this is where the problems originate with the sticks, as it physically moves the joystick, there is an issue with clicking the joystick downwards while moving the stick, the only way to fix this is the disassemble the controller and place something between the button and peg that push it, or just use a macro button. Now some people might think the macro buttons will lead to cheating, and rapid fire mods, but this is where you would be wrong, Razer tool this into consideration since they sponsor professional gamers that use their products at, competitions like MLG who disallow the use of modified controllers for that purpose. The macro buttons can only be mapped for buttons on that side of the controller, to explain; the LM button can be macroed to L3, LT, LB, ABXY, start select only, so you can not have alternating fire triggers, same goes for RM being limited to R3, RT, RB, ABXY, start, select. I love this controller I recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to the original wireless controller, and the expensive alternatives such as Scuf, which are upwards of double the price of the Onza. My only real beefs with the Onza are the lights are really bright and can be distracting on late nights, and the joysticks not being clickable while running or aiming, but I just use macro run anyway so it is tolerable.

(204) 383-3902

So I picked up the Astro A50 wireless headset for Xbox 360/PS3/PC the other day because I felt I was missing out on the experience of my games while only using a chat mic. So lets start with the price tag, my wallet is hurting with the $300 price tag, but so far it seems worth it. In the box (which was very well designed I might add) you get the A50 headset itself  (in black or white), the transmitter mixamp, one optical cable to connect to your console/pc, one mini USB to power the transmitter, one shorter mini USB to charge the headset, and one 3.5mm to 2.5mm audio cable for Xbox 360 voice chat (because mad catz, which own Tritton, is the only company legally allowed to have full wireless Xbox chat as they hold the patent for it,) and one stand to hold the headset and place the transmitter. The A50’s construction is very sturdy, with a nice strong plastic trim on a metal frame, with very comfortable ear cups and head band cushion, though the metal frame does add some weight you get used to it in a few hours. The battery life of the Astro A50 is rated at 8-10 hours of use, there are many reports of this being wrong but it is greatly dependent on the platform, as playstation and pc have to also transmit voice communication wirelessly, and if you have the Dolby digital 7.1 setting turned on. The initial test for the headset for me was a 7 hour game session on Xbox 360. There was no sign of battery loss. Just make sure you plug it in over night and you should have no problems. With the A50 you can also mix in an external input, like an mp3 player an it will transmit to the headset, as well as your game and voice chat, so if you have a certain playlist you listen to, to keep your head in the game you won’t miss out on the game itself to listen to it. So far I have not really given it enough of a test run to give a full review of the quality of sound, durability, an battery life, but I will post another post of that soon.

Gunnar glasses

So Christmas time, the time of year you give a long list of stuff you want, but don’t want to pay for, to people you know. This year I decided I wanted to try out 860-459-1614 glasses. Gunnar optiks is a company that specializes in eye wear for people who use the computer for extended periods of time. The glasses have an amber tone of color to filter out cool colored lights, which are bad for your eyes. They also have a rather unusual curve to the lens that normal glasses done have to keep your eyes from drying out. As well as there being a magnification to compensate for the distance you sit from the monitor, (+.02 diopter) which may cause an issue if you wear contacts that aren’t fully corrective. That and rather nice designs, very study frames, and lenses. All that is to reduce the amount you have to strain your eyes to work, or game, for longer without getting a headache, and sore eyes. So far they (I have only had them for a few hours) they are doing their job fantastically after hours of Xbox, which would have caused me to get a headache as I play in total darkness, I have no strain or headaches. I recommend them to anyone on the computer video games for hours at a time and rarely takes their eyes off the screen while doing so.


So I have decided to start a new site, no names will be given out yet, but it will allow you to make the perfect homepage for your browser, even if you have no knowledge of code. I won’t go into more detail as of yet, as it is still in development, but I hope to have it up by the start of the year.

Almost complete

Got my two NTSC-J Saturn controllers today. Perfect condition, virtually new, just a few little scratches from being used all emblems still fully intact. All I need to get now is another sega genesis controller. Controllers in order listed left to right: 3 NES, 1 SNES, 1 Super Famicom (Japanese SNES), 1 Sega Genesis, 2 Japanese Sega Saturn.


White Collar

Just wow, what a fantastic show, I went on marathons of over 8 episodes in one sitting. It pulls you in so well, leaving you off at just enough of a cliff you peek over to the next episode and get drawn in again. I can’t wait for the next season to be available on Netflix so I can watch it again, as my tv provider only keeps the newest 3 episodes on demand for me, so I can’t see the whole series. Highly recommend it to anyone into shows like Burn Notice.